Why Us?

We provide Personalized Service

We cater to your needs as much as we can. We're open to taking care of a number of things that you would take care of, if you were still home. If you have something you wish you could be home to take care of, ask us. We can probably handle it for you while you are away.

This relieves pressure, worry and stress which naturally occurs when making plans to go away for a long period (whether for fun or for work).

We're Flexible


Generally, we can accomodate flexible start and end times for a housesit. Even if we have another commitment that doesn't end for a week or two after yours starts, one of us can stay to finish the current sit, while the other of us begins your sit.

(*We can often be available for one of us to arrive at your home for a housesit, even a few weeks before our current housesit is complete. We are happy to do this to accomodate your schedule. However, because of the costs involved with housesitting two homes at once, we can only pay utilities at both homes for a maximum of 5 days overlap. We will pay utilities for your home beginning 5 days before our current housesit ends.)


We have everything we need. If you want to take your blender with you, no problem. We have a blender, tea towels, kitchen utensils. Pack, considering your needs, and we will provide for ourselves after you have gone.

We're Responsible

We've been homeowners ourselves for years, raised three kids, have some money in the bank, and a reliable income. We also have a number of references to prove we are dependable people who you can rely on, and enjoy your travels. Check out our references.

We're Experienced

We have worked with www.homerent.ca in providing temporary furnished housing to a large client of theirs.

We have worked with www.mypahss.com, My Pet and Housesitting Service. This gave us great opportunities to test our skills to comfortably care for other people's homes, pets, and minor emergencies while owners were away.

We have housesat since 2003, so we have references. Also, if you've never had a live-in housesitter, we can give you practical tips about how to proceed.

We can be inside your home most hours of the day

Because each of us works a modified schedule, and one of us works part-time from home, at least one of us is usually home at any given time, making your home look occupied for the maximum number of hours each day.

We keep good records

Keeping track of how much we owe for utilities and how much we ask to be reimbursed for expenses (which are usually very little) is important.

Denise is currently seeking a house sit for the fall in Calgary, High River, Okotoks, Airdire, or Red Deer, Alberta.

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